I have set up this blog as a general ‘interest blog’. Mostly, it’s about things that interest me with a slant towards photography. I am interested in many things: Leadership, management, enterprise architecture, photography, aikido, alternative therapies and being healthy to name but  few…

Along with my wife,  Sylvaine, I also manage two Airbnb listings  and we love meeting our guests. So, I have an Airbnb page just for that.

In order to help manage my blog posts, I have set up the folloing categories:

  • Photography – anything to do with photography
  • Other interests –  other things that are of interest to me and I want to share with others.
  • Airbnb – All things Airbnb related
  • Off topic – a place where I can  express my views and opinions on any topic I like, mostly about things I read or hear about and want to discuss or have an opinion on.

As of 14 November 2017 this blog is a new adventure and  I look forward to seeing it grow. Who knows what direction the blog will take in the future?

Full disclosure

Affiliate Links

I will occasionally use affiliate links  when writing posts.  These affiliate links  will direct readers elsewhere to learn more about products or highlight products that I feel will be of interest to people. I may receive a small percentage of profit from sales generated through these links.  I will only ever do this if I feel that the product or services I refer to are of genuine interest to others.

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