Why you might like to use your cameras proprietary software

Many vendors aggressively market their photo editing software and with the arrival of AI promising the ultimate in photo editing, we can be forgiven for forgetting the fundamentals of photography when processing our images.

Depending on your style of photography, post processing may or may not be relevant to you! Even with the most sophisticated post processing editing software, there is still an argument for getting things right in camera and doing the minimum amount of post processing that you can. This is where your cameras proprietary software can become an important tool.

Designed to work with your camera

Camera makers proprietary software may not have all of the functionality of a third-party photo editing package but it has one big advantage! It has been designed to work specifically with your camera, insuring optimal compatibility and performance with all of your cameras features and functions.

Each camera manufacturer engineer their cameras to produce a particular look

Each camera manufacturer engineer their cameras to produce a particular look by using in camera settings called picture profiles or styles. These offer a seamless integration with the proprietary software in terms of camera effects, picture styles and other settings. This means that when you shoot RAW and use your camera manufactures software your get instant results that match the colour, contrast and other settings applied by your camera, rendering your RAW files as your camera manufacture intended! And, as a bonus, if you want to adjust settings applied by your camera afterwards, you can!

Get the very best from your RAW files

Camera manufacturers proprietary software has been developed and engineered to get the very best from your RAW files based on each camera manufactures specifications. As a bonus, all your camera settings and focus points used can be viewed and used as an aid to help you improve on your picture taking.

True RAW file processor

Remember camera manufacturers proprietary software is a true RAW file processor, you can always export processed images as TIFF files for further editing and apply any creative techniques that you want to use afterwards knowing the you have got the very best from your RAW file.

if you are not using the proprietary software from your camera manufacturer then you may not be getting the very best out of your RAW files and camera.

Links to Camera manufacturers proprietary software.

Nikon NX Studio

Canon Digital Photo Professional



Happy shooting!

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