How to easily catalogue and find your photos with Excire Foto

I recently came across a relatively new software package, that helps you manage, find, and share your photos. It’s focus is on using AI-based image-retrieval to automatically recognise and key word a photos content.

I used to spend time manually key-wording my images but with Excire Foto, I no longer have to do this, I can let Excire Foto analyse my images and automatically keyword them for me. (You can still add your own keywords if you want to.)

It does this by using artificial intelligence to analyse and recognise the content of your photos, and it is very good at it. Once you have pointed the software to a folder with photos in it, Excire Foto will analyse, and recognise image content and assign corresponding keywords.

Below is a screenshot of Excire Foto. I have added some folders and asked Excire Photo to analyse my images, you can see that it has aded keywords and created a hierarchy of keywords based on each photos content.

Excire Foto main interface

Let us suppose that I want to find photos that include cats in the image. I can simply hover my mouse over the top right corner of my image preview that has a cat and click find similar photos.

Excire Foto find similar photos function

When I do so, I get the following window pop up!

Excire Foto find similar photos pop up screen

I’m happy with the settings so I just need to click on start search and voila! Here are my images with cats in them.

Excire Foto search results, similar photos

When the software first analysed my images any images that contained cats was recognised by the AI software and the software assigned the appropriate keywords to the image.

Foto Excire AI example keyword list

As you can see the software created the hierarchy, Mammal>Cat and assigned other keywords to the photos based on content.

Photo of kitten and auto generated keywords from Excire Foto

Check out this getting started video by Excire Photo

When I first downloaded the software, I was a little sceptical but that scepticism soon vanished was I started exploring the features of the software. I can honestly say that this is one of the best pieces of software I have ever bought.

Here is a link to download a thirty day trial from Excire today

Let me know what you think of the software.

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