DxO TIPA World Award 2021

It seems that DxO has once again won the TIPA category for best imaging software (professional).

DxO PhotoLab is an advanced RAW photo editor. When processing and editing my RAW files, my first step without exception, is to run my RAW files through DxO PhotoLab. DxO’s advanced corrections and use of AI (artificial intelligence) make it one of the best solutions for preparing RAW files for editing.

The key difference between DxO PhotoLab and other imaging software is that DxO’s primary function is to process RAW files and to optimise these files for further editing, either within DxO PhotoLab or another photo editor.

For over 15 years DxO’s laboratories have been analysing millions of images to develop software that

  • Greatly improve digital noise when demosaicing RAW files (DeepPRIME AI)
  • Automatically applies optical corrections tailored to specific camera lens combinations
    • lens distortion
    • vignetting
    • chromatic aberrations
    • lens softness

Nearly all corrections can be applied automatically and then fined tuned as necessary.

If you shoot RAW and want best RAW file to use when editing your images then you can trust DxO PhotoLab to do the job for you.

And for those of you who may not want all of the functionality of DxO PhotoLab but still want to have the best RAW file to edit, then DxO have just introduced DxO PureRAW. DxO PureRAW provides you with an easy way to get the best from your RAW file before editing your files in other applications.

To celebrate getting the TIPA award DxO are offering a discount on some of their products.

You can check out the new DxO PureRAW here

And here is a link to DxO PhotoLab trial

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