Trusting your Camera iA mode & Shooting JPEG

For a long time I have been a RAW file shooter but recently I have started to shoot JPEG and to leave my Lumix G9 in iA mode (Intelligent auto) and also make use of my camera’s custom settings function, C1, C2 and C3.

In iA mode the camera sets the optimum settings for the scene allowing me to concentrate on picture taking and makes full use of the technology built into my G9.

I have been impressed by the results I have got when using my camera’s iA function and shooting in JPEG. When using iA it is better to shoot JPEG as part of the optimum settings and processing done by your camera includes the use of picture styles, portrait and landscape for example, picture style JPEG settings would not be captured if you were to shoot RAW.

Of course there are times when using iA is not practical or appropriate and to quickly switch between using iA and other camera shooting modes I have made use of my camera’s custom setting function C1, C2 and C3 as below.

  • C1 – Programme mode and (RAW file)
  • C2 – Sports (RAW file)
  • C3(1) – Portrait (RAW file)
  • C3(2) – Wildlife (RAW file)
  • C3(3) – In camera HDR (JPEG)

This way I can quickly change between using iA and other camera modes without having to worry about changing my camera settings.

G9 iA (intelligent auto)JPEG

Of course, I always keep an eye on three things when using iA, aperture, shutter speed, and my histogram. I do not worry too much about ISO unless I am shooting in very low light.

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