DxO Photlab 4

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will know that DxO has released it’s latest version of DxO photlab, DxO Photlab 4!

The latest version features artificial intelligence technology (AI) to simultaneously denoise and demosaic your images, along with a dynmaic workspace, batch renaming and a watermark tool.

It seems that many image editing applications are moving towards exploiting AI when editing and processing images.

Photlab 4 uses something called DeepPRIME, DxO invites you to push the boundaries of your camera with it’s DeePrime noise and mosaic removal, allowing you to make use of increased ISO sensitivity, which means that you can use your camera in lower light settings. It is also able to compensate for the noise and artifacts created when using small sensors in compact cameras.

According to the folk at DxO; DxO DeepPRIME removes noise and renders photographic information without reducing color detail. Transitions are smoother and more natural, and you gain nearly two ISO sensitivity values compared to our earlier version, DxO PRIME, the benchmark software for all comparable programs currently available.

If you are an expert photographer, DxO DeepPRIME will open up a world of new possibilities by enabling you to shoot at very high sensitivities. As an amateur photographer, DeepPRIME will allow you to compensate for the drawbacks of small sensors in compact and bridge cameras that produce digital noise even at low ISO sensitivities. And if you’re struggling with low quality, or older-generation cameras that are no longer suitable because of the scale of digital noise, DxO DeepPRIME will give your images a new lease of life.

Take a look at the following example:

This was a grab shot of our new kitten when we got her. Below are my camera settings as well, I was shooting with a Panasonic Lumix GX8 @ 25000 ISO.

RAW file exported as a unprocessed JPEG
Raw file 100% crop exported as an unprocessed JPEG

The two images above were exported from the original unprocessed RAW file as JPEG’s. You can see how much noise is in these images, making them unusable.

Here is that same image run through DxO Photolab 4 using default corrections and DeepPRIME.

Processed RAW file – output as a JPEG
Same processed file with 100% crop

As you can see, DxO’s DeepPRIME and standard corrections have done a great job of dealing with the noise and any mosaicing in this image. What was basically an unusable file is now a great family keepsake!

Finally I have run the image through Perfectly Clear Complete another photo-editing software progamme that uses AI. I then added a small amount of vignetting and a frame using DxO Photlab 4 again.

Final image

As photographer you should no loner need to be over concerned when shooting at higher ISO settings, thanks to DxO Photlab 4.

DxO are currently a special offer for those who want to buy or upgrade to DxO Photlab 4 with 30% off.

You can also download a free trial here.

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