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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Hopefully, Luminar AI will be released sometime in December. But what makes Luminar AI different from other photo editing software? After all, Skylum are not the only vendor using AI. Topaz and Perfectly Clear Complete also use AI when processing images. Skylum also has Photolemur, an AI based tool and of course Luminar 4 and Aurora HDR.

All of the above do a good job on the AI front. So why Luminar AI? Well, it’s not just the fact that it uses AI, it’s the fact that Skylum have worked with AI and artists, photographers and other creative individuals to create a vast array of templates based on the AI‘s analysis of your photos.

Once an image is loaded, what the software appears to do is analyse your image, recognising the content of your image, it then suggests a number of templates that you can apply to your image.

Here is an example landscape shot from Luminar

Original Image

This is already a great shot but Luminar AI suggested an atmospheric template as below.

Atmospheric Template (Landscape)

The software has recognised and interpreted the scene as a landscape, and based on the content has suggested the creative template above, with mist added to the scene.

The templates, corrections and effects can be more subtle.See the shot of the train station below.


Naturally, there are templates that can be used to your enhance portraits too.


The idea behind this approach to photo editing is to save you time in post processing. As mentioned the software analyses the content of your image and based on the content, suggests a number of templates that you may like to apply to your image. Of course, you are still free to make your own adjustments too.

If your a portrait photographer, then you know how much time you can spend retouching eyes, lips, skin tones etc.. Luminar AI also works on portraits.


You can find more details about Luminar AI here

The software is scheduled to be released sometime in December. Some of you may like to pre-order a copy today at a special price.

For transparency all examples here were provided by Skylum as the software is not yet available. When it is though, I will do a follow up blog.

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