Making use of Luminar 4 AI Sky Replacement

I was out wondering with my camera when I came across this horse silhouetted against the sky. I was only able to grab a couple of frames before the horse bolted!

Original shot Lumix GX8

As you can see the sky was really boring and the lighting even and flat. However, I was determined to make something out of this shot that would please me.

When processing my images I tend to use three or four programmes.

These 4 programme cover most of my processing needs.

After using DxO Photolab to apply default corrections based on my camera and lens combination, I then exported the image to Perfectly Clear Complete (PCC) to exploit its AI technology in enhancing and improving every pixel in my image.

DXO Photolab Corrections & Perfectly Clear Complete AI Enhancements

This gave me well balanced image to take into Luminar 4.

Luminar 4 Sky Replacement and Augmented AI Sky Tool

Replacing the sky with Luminar’s AI Sky replacement tool is a breeze. It only took me a minute to find the right sky and Luminar 4 did its magic in seconds, replacing the dull blue sky with something more dramatic. I also used Luminar’s AI Augmented Sky Object placement tool to place the lightning bolt in the image.

I exported the image back into DxO Photolab and used DxO NiK collection three to add a little more drama to the image.

I’m really pleased with the final result. All of this may seem complicated but because I’m exploiting each applications key strengths I only spend a few minutes creating the final image.

If you have not tried Luminar 4, you can download a free trial here

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