Lumix Users – One Push AE

Do you shoot in manual mode? If so, one touch AE may your best friend.

What is One Push AE

One Push AE (Auto Exposure) uses an assigned function button to automatically set a suitable exposure. It is primarily used in manual mode but can also be applied when using Programme shift .

How it works

When shooting in manual mode and metering a scene, if you press the assigned function button for one push AE, your camera will quickly adjust the combination of aperture and shutter speed to provide a suitable exposure for the scene being measured.

I find this function to be extremely useful when shooting in manual mode, I can quickly set a combination of aperture and shutter speed and then manually adjust the suggested exposure to fit my needs.

As an example, suppose I am shooting a bright street scene then I walk into a church to photograph the interior. The contrast between the two scenes would be enormous. I could dial in the correct combination of aperture and shutter speed manually to get exposure I want, but that would take several turns of the dials to do so. Using one push AE, I instantly have a suggested exposure set automatically by the camera and can then tweak the exposure to my liking manually, Perfect!

Why you should use it

In principle, you are combining auto exposure and manual exposure together allowing you to quickly meter a scene and then adjust the exposure manually to your liking. It is a fast and convenient way to combine auto exposure with manual control.

If you have not set this up on your camera then maybe you should give it a go. If you do let me know how you get on.

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