Luminar 4.2 is here with AI Augmented Sky Capabilities

Skylum’s flagship product Luminar4 has been updated to version 4.2. This free update for all Luminar 4 users contains important enhancements across the application, plus a brand-new feature—AI Augmented Sky—to help photographers create incredible digital art.

“We’re really excited to see how photographers use the AI Augmented Sky to create digital works of art,” said Dima Sytnyk, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Skylum.“AI Augmented Sky can be used to make everything from subtle tweaks, like moving the moon in the sky, or to totally transform the world around us. The possibilities are endless!”

Skylum has also made improvements to its portrait tools. including, detect different faces in all sorts of positions, accounting for things like head tilts, unusual angles, badly lit or partially hidden faces, and even those with heavy makeup. It can detect people of any hue of skin or age, as well as spotting all the faces in a group photo.

Here are a couple of before and afters using Skylum’s Augmented sky capabilities.

The first two images show  Skylum’s sky replacement AI tool in use.

Original Image: Lumix GX8

The shot below is a combination of using Skylum’s AI Enhance, AI Structure, Landscape Enhancer and AI Sky Replacement. These edits were done in less than two minutes and no layers to contend with.

Skylum Sky Replacement
Original Image: Lumix GX8

Here is a combination of using Skylum’s AI Enhance, AI Structure, Landscape Enhancer, AI Sky Replacement, AI Augmented Sky (the birds have been added) and Sun Rays. These edits were also done in less than two minutes.

Skylum Sky & Augmented Reality AI

Pretty impressive. Skylum’s strength is in its ease of use. If you have not yet tried it download a free trial and play with it. You will be surprised at how good this software is for editing and enhancing your images. Luminar 4.Trial download


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