Enhancing Your Images DXO Photolab & Luminar 4


We don't always get to go to the most wonderful places but we can always do something to improve our photos.

My to go to programmes are DxO Photolab with the Nik Colletion and Luminar 4

I use DxO Photlab for all nearly all of my initial editing, RAW files and JPEG. And, I use the Nik Collection and Luminar 4 for applying filters and effects.

The image above was shot on my Panasonic Lumix G8, at the time, this small lake was lit with the setting sun and looked wonderful. But, I failed to capture what I saw and felt, I was very disappointed with the image.

However, I wanted to make something of the shot, so I post edited the image with DxO Phtolab and the exported the image to Liminar 4.

Post edited RAW file DxO Photlab

The adjustments to the original file are subtle and include auto lens and camera corrections and use of the smart lighting tool in DxO Photolab.

Auto Camera & Lens corrections DxO Photlab

Luminar 4 & Sky Replacement

Lumiar 4's AI (Auto Intelligence) tools and sky replacement have helped me transform this image. And the best thing is, it only took a few clicks to do so using Luminar 4's

  • Essential Tools
    • AI Enhance
    • Landscape Enhancer
    • AI Structure
  • Creative Tools
    • AI Sky Replacement
    • Mystical

Whilst that might look like a lot of adjustments, the overall process took no more than a few minutes, if that.

Luminar 4 and DxO Photlab will probably meet most, if not all of your photo editing needs. Both pieces of software are aimed at Photographers who want to to focus on their image taking and try to alleviate the need to learn complex post processing techniques.

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