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What you need to know when using DxO Photlab and your camera

DxO specialises in image processing, it’s what they do! They test and analyse much of the equipment that we use, both cameras and lenses and their software analysis each photo we take and applies a number of corrections automatically.

However, in order for you to maximise the power of DxO Photlab you have to do the following with your camera (Remember we are talking about shooting in RAW):

All internal camera settings need to be turned off in order for the photo file information to be completely compatible with the program modules.

So, to get the best results from DxO Photlab, make sure that you have disabled or turned off all relevant in-camera settings. The reason for this is that DxO’s laboratory tests are so precise that not doing so may cause compatibility issues when processing your images.

Generally speaking, RAW files ignore most of your camera’s internal settings. It is still good practice to do the above though.

The power of working in RAW and DxO Photolab

Shooting in RAW allows you to exploit all of the data captured by your camera.

The picture below is a RAW file converted to JPEG with no corrections applied.

Out of camera RAW no corrections

Here is the same RAW file processed in DxO Photolab

DxO corrections applied & some adjustments applied by the author

Notice that the top of the spire has been cropped out. I used the DxO Viewpoint module to correct some perspective issues. However, that meant losing the top of the spire. I am happy with that though.

The final image has been sent to DxO’s NiK Collection, Color Efex Pro 4 and a number of filters added.

Image enhanced using Color Efex Pro

The final image represents the image I had in mind when shooting this church.

Before you go out shooting again, make sure that you have turned off all your internal camera settings to exploit the power of DxO Photolab.

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