Luminar 4 My first 5 minutes

Luminar 4 First Impressions

I am busy refitting our kitchen at the same time as Luminar 4 has been launched!! Which means my priorities are on finishing our kitchen for Christmas and not Photography 🙁

Still, I have managed to grab some time with the new Luminar 4.

It seems that many of the photo software companies are beginning to push and move more towards AI innovations when processing images. Both ON1 and Skylum are beginning to promote these features.

Here are the results of my first 5 minutes using Skylum’s AI adjustments only.

Below is my original RAW file. The image was shot with my Lumix GX8 in manual mode and exposed so that I maintained detail in the sky.

Image as shot

Here is the image processed using only Luminar 4’s AI capabilities. AI Enhance and AI Structure

AI Enhance and AI Structure applied

And here is the another version of the image. Using the creative panel I have added sunrays. I like the result.

AI enhamcements and Sunrays

All of these adjustments took me no more than a a few seconds to apply.

Here are the three images side by side for comaprison.

If you have not yet downloaed a copy of Luminar 4 to try, check it out below.

Luminar 4

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