3 Step Photo Editing

From Raw to Final Image

When I come back from a photo-shoot the first thing I do is upload my images, categorise them, sift them and then process them.

  • Transfer
  • Categorise (keyword)
  • Sift
  • Process
  • Export

I have a number of photo editing applications that I use as I have never found one that suits all of my needs. I also have a view that each photo-editing application has its strengths and weaknesses and that you should exploit these when editing and processing your images.

My list of software includes

For example, when processing RAW files my go-to application is DXO Photolab, why? Because there can be no doubt that the science & technology behind DXO’s software means that there is no better way to process your RAW images.

So my workflow in terms of editing and processing in three steps is to

  • Assess & Process RAW file
  • Export as TIFF, JPEG or DNG
  • Carry out final edits and enhancements
Final image
Edits & enhancements applied with NIk Collection

I used NIK collection to increase colour contrast, soften the background (blur), enhance the detail in the eyes and then applied a subtle vignette.

The key to enhancing your photos is to

  1. Make sure that your in-camera exposure is correct for your subject and intended final image.
  2. Process your RAW file in such a way that you make use of all of the data captured when taking your photos.
  3. After your RAW edits further enhance your image using filters, adjustment tools and other creative effects as required.

What’s your preferred way of working?

ON1 Photo RAW 2020
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