Having a winter vacation-Here is the perfect travel camera

If you are having a winter break, whether it’s skiing or something more exotic, why not take the perfect travel camera with you to record your dream holiday.

Whilst smartphones can produce good results when snapping, there are still plenty of reasons to carry a decent travel camera.

For starters, a good travel camera will nearly always provide you with better image quality than a smartphone. Then there are zoom considerations, most smartphones shoot at wide-angle and cannot zoom in to capture subjects at a distance.

When it comes to autofocus and tracking moving subjects a decent travel camera will outperform a smartphone, providing you with more usable shots.

It is the same for low light photography, a good travel camera will have a better sensor and out perform a smartphone.

If you want to have more control over your photography and easier access to settings then you will find a travel camera much better suited to your needs.

If your holiday involves some form of sport or action, skiing for example or maybe even a safari. Then a camera that captures 4k photos is recommended.

Panasonic introduced 4k photography. The quality of the still images and the ability to capture and freeze the action means that you will not miss those unmissable moments.

Of course, for a lot of people, a decent smartphone camera will be enough. if you really want to make the most of your vacation though and capture memorable images, then a combination of smartphone and travel camera is the way to go.

I personally think that the new Panasonic TZ95 fits the bill. You can check it out on Panasonic’s website.

It has excellent image quality, 30x zoom capability, a built-in viewfinder for when it is difficult to see the screen. A selfie function, 4k photo mode and excellent controls and a Leica lens.

You can buy the Panasonic TZ95 on Amazon here.

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