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Serif Affinity Photo

I have recently downloaded Affinity Photo by Serif for my Ipad and for my laptop. I am impressed by its features. If you are looking for a photo editor that provides you with the power and functionality that is similar to Photoshop then this application might be for you.

Beware though, its rich functionality means there will be a steep learning curve for some people. That said, Serif provides plenty of videos and tutorials to get you started.

The software runs on Mac or Windows and as previously stated there is also a version for the Ipad. The price for the Mac and Windows software is currently 54.99€ and for the Ipad 21.99€.

You can also download a trial version, it only lasts for 10 days though. Which really does not give you enough time to explore its features, especially if you are new to products like this.

Don’t worry though Serif has its own manual that you can buy on their website or through Amazon.

Photo Editing and Image Manipulation Software

I draw a distinction between photo editing software and image manipulation software. And although the line can be blurry, most image manipulation software comes with a steep learning curve and they are based around photo editing, photo manipulation, design, illustration and creativity.

Photo editing software is more akin to the old film and darkroom days, where you take your photos, develop and enhance them and then publish them.

If you’re just looking to post-process RAW files and make subtle enhancements to JPEG  images then Serif’s Affinity Photo may be too complex. However, if you are looking to be more creative and Photoshop is not within your budget. Serif’s  Affinity Photo will be for you.

Check it out and let me k ow what you think.





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