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Saving a photoshoot with HDR

There is always the potential to exploit your images!

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget a setting on my camera and frustrate myself!

I recently did this when shooting a landscape, instead of shooting in RAW I shot in JPEG, not that there is anything wrong in shooting JPEG.

It’s just that my scene had a high contrast range and I wanted to take advantage of the high dynamic range that a RAW file gives me when shooting with my Lumix GX8 and post-processing my images.

I was ready to press delete on the bracketed series of images I shot as I could not process the JPEGs the way that I wanted to.


However, part of the NIK Collection by DXO is the NIK HDR EFEX PRO, I decided to process my JPEGs using this programme and the results can be seen below.

Titchfield Haven – NIK EFEX HDR by DXO

I was pleasantly surprised by the output HDR file. And having checked out some pre-sets for ideas and making some adjustments to the file in HDR EFEX PRO I came up with this image.

I think it works and the lesson for me was, ‘that there is always the potential to exploit your images’.

Before you delete your images, sit on them for a few days and ponder, you never know what creative ideas may come from this.

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