My No1 lens cleaning tip

When shooting pics, keeping your lens clean is very important and I always have my Hama lens cleaning pen with me. It’s my N01 lens cleaning gadget.

It is highly effective and gentle in cleaning all optical surfaces and is specially designed for lenses and filters.

Having a lens brush and curved velvetly polishing surface tip with special coating for cleaning lenses. This brush allows you to brush away dust and anything that might scratch your lens before dry cleaning your lens with the velvet coated tip. It is very effective. There is no need to carry cleaning fluids with you. or other cloths for cleaning your lenses.

It’s pen-shaped design means it easily fits into your pocket, and it has a pen top for the velvet tip and the brush is retractable.

It is the one piece of equipment I always carry with me and you should too.

At the time of writing Amazon has a deal on this pen, it’s RRP is usually 14.99 but it is selling for £6.92.

You can check it out by clicking here or clicking on the above link.

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