Brexit a way forward


There can be no doubt that Brexit has been divisive for the UK and is ill-thought out.

I have not heard anyone provide a single positive reason for carrying out ‘Brexit’, except that, it is all in the name of democracy? Given the complexities, costs, disruptions, lack of vision and damage been done to the UK’s reputation and economy there must be a better way forward.

That would necessitate forgetting Brexit in the current form and creating a plan to move ahead.
The plan should look something like this.

1. Revoke article 50
2. Create an independent research group with the appropriate competencies and experience.
3. Study the benefits and disbenefits of being part of the EU (3 years minimum, more likely 5).
4. Conduct an Impact analysis on what leaving EU would mean both to the UK and Europe.
Include: global consequences (outside of the EU), political implications, economic impact, social factors, technological and scientific implications, legal considerations, environmental concerns, and consequences for EU citizens.
5. Prepare and report on findings to the government, include preferred options for moving forward.
6. Consult and inform the public.
7. Government vote
8. Based on the outcome of the voting, develop a vision of the UK of the future.

Revoking article 50 may seem controversial but it provides a way forward and most importantly, stabilises the economy, allowing everyone have an informed opinion and say later.


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