Afternoon in Rosporden

Rosporden is a 30 minute drive from Quimper

It’s noted for producing Chouchen, an alcoholic beverage in the form of mead which is made from honey and water. One of the main features of Rosporden is the large lake, L’aven.

L'Aven Rosporden
L’Aven – Rosporden

You can take a long leisurely walk around the perimeter of the lake and take in the various views and watch the wonderful wildlife that habit there, mostly of the feathered kind.



Rosporden’s natural nature reserve

Although I have been to Rosporden a few times I have not yet been into the church there.

Late summer afternoon Rosporden Eglise Notre Dame

There are a number of benches and places where you can stop to picnic and admire or feed the wildlife on the lake.

We packed a picnic for our trip and a few titbits for feeding the birds. If you picnic, wander around the lake taking photos or drawing you could make this a 2-hour stay and then visit Rosprden Centre. There is parking close to the lake which is free.

Fishing on the lake

The lake is actual split into to halves and there is a railway bridge going over the lake that separate the halves of the lake.


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