The false hope of Brexit

The false hope of Brexit

By now people should be coming to the understanding that Brexit is a fallacy!

Both leavers and remainders have been led down a garden path only to find that there are more thorns than roses!

We are intertwined with Europe at so many levels and in so many ways that we can never divorce ourselves from Europe.

People were given false hope and were made promises that just cannot be delivered. The referendum around leaving the EU was both subjective, emotive and shallow!

Worst still, the Conservative party under David Cameron’s leadership used Brexit as a political pawn to swing voters.

And when the vote did not go in his favour, instead of facing up to his responsibilities as a leader, he abdicated them, leaving others to face the consequences of his decision making.

The simple truth is that we can never really leave the EU, we can reshape our relationships but we can never truly divorce ourselves from the EU.

The only sensible way forward is to revoke article 50 and hold a general election.

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