Brexit a misguided concept

Brexit is nothing more than a concept that has managed to divide the country and politicians.

It has undermined the country and brought about nothing but uncertainty. Businesses and industry are suffering and EU citizens living both in the UK and Europe are concerned for their futures.

Brexit was an empty promise that could not realistically be fulfilled.

A promise of the Conservative party that was so short-sighted that it is criminal.

The country is at loggerheads over what to do. Why is that?

It’s because the arguments for staying in the EU or leaving are not clear enough for people to make a sensible decision. The referendum was ambiguous, emotive, and politically motivated! And still is…

In order to make sensible decisions we need facts, we need to know…
• What needs to change.
• Why it needs to change.
• How things will change?
• Who will be impacted by the change?
• What is the cost of change?
• And what are the benefits and disbenefits of making the change?
• And how will things be better as a result of the change?

We also need a vision of the future that we can buy into, along with good leadership, programme and project management and the right knowledge and skills to help lead us through the changes.

Brexit has none of this!

There really is only one sensible way forward.
• Revoke article 50.
• Set up a cross-party think tank that involves businesses, industry and EU citizens.
• Set up a two- or three-year time frame to analysis the benefits and disbenefits of being in or out of the EU.
• Publish the findings.
• Survey the public on the findings.
• Allow the government to vote on the findings and survey results.
• Publish the government vote.
• Act on the outcome.

I realise that this will not please all but we need to do what is right for the country as a whole, irrespective of our own personal views or motivations.

The other option is to keep all the infighting going until we are all so punch-drunk that we can no longer function as a country!

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