Three ways to make a dull photo a great photo

We don’t always have perfect light or perfect subjects but that should not stop us using our cameras

When editing photos I use three photo applications, DxO Photolab 2, Nik Collection 2018 and ON1 Photo RAW 2019

My Photo Suit

With this three applications, I can easily handle all of my photo needs. Each of the products has its strengths and I prefer to work to each products key advantages when processing images.

I use DxO for all my RAW and JPEG edits, Nik Collection for effects and ON1 RAW for its abilities in applying effects, using layers and removing objects etc…

I took the picture below to demonstrate that with a little imagination we can make something of even the most ordinary scenes.

I took this on my Lumix GX8 and used DxO to create the JPEG, allowing DxO to apply its default corrections. As it stands, it is not the most intereting of photos.

The next three images will show how we can apply effects to create a more interesting image.

The first effect was achieved using DxO FilmPack.

Agfa APX reproduction DxO Filmpack

This photo emulates Agfa APX and I like the mood created by applying this preset in DxO FilmPack.

Nik Collection by DxO is one of my favourite go-to applications for post-editing photos and applying effects. The look of the final image here is a combination of applying a set of Nik filters using Color Efex Pro.

Nik Collection 2018 – Color Efex Pro

For the last image I used ON1 Photo RAW 2019  and its effects tab to add a comination of filters to create the image below.

Below are all 4 photos so that you can compare as they transition between effects from the orinal.

I think my favourite is the shot edited with Nik Color Efex Pro.

Which shot would you chose?

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