Combining DxO and On1 for photo editing


How I Use  DxO Photlab2 and ON1 Photo RAW 2019to prepare RAW files for editing as JPEG’s in ON1 RAW 2019.

I always process my RAW files in DxO Photolab as DxO assesses each RAW file separately and applies certain corrections automatically, saving you time in assessing and applying corrections to your RAW files.

The image below shot with my Panasonic Lumix GX8 in programme mode.

Camera settings

  •  White balance auto
  •  ISO 200
  •  Exposure f7.1 @ 1/60th
  •  Exposure compensation +.033
JPEG conversion from RAW file

I used DxO’s auto corrections to prepare the RAW file output as a JPEG for further editing in ON1 RAW 2019.

I could have used more of the functionality of DxO to further enhance the image before exporting it. However, I had an idea in my mind on how I wanted the final image to be and desired to use some of the tools in ON1 to help me achieve the look I wanted.

The first thing I needed to do was to remove the ariel on the chimney, ON1 has some excellent tools for removing objects and cloning.

Once I had removed the ariel and any other distracting objects, I set about creating the look that I wanted to achieve. My aim was to

  •  add a little more colour to the sky
  •  warm up the stone wall and bring out the texture in the stones
  •  open up some of the shadows
  •  Warm up the overall image
  •  Darken the edges to help focus the viewers’ attention.
  •  Add a border

The ON1 creative effects  applied are below

None of these effects took more than a few seconds to apply and the final image really brings out the character of the building and walls.

Here is a Before and After Comparison

I don’t like to over process my images. I find DxO Photolab 2 to be the best RAW editor out there and it works with TIFF and JPEG files also. The new enhancements to DxO Photolab 2 make it my go product for preparing RAW files.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019 is a complete photo editor, built around a modern photo
organizer and a sophisticated raw processing engine.

Photo RAW lets you apply quick, non-destructive edits and stylized effects to your photos, and includes a sophisticated layers functionality that lets you composite images quickly and easily, while still preserving complete re-editability. It really combines all of the features of Lightroom and Photoshop into one package.

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