Are you taking advantage of your camera’s constant preview mode?

What is constant preview

Not all cameras support this mode but if you do have a Constant Preview setting, then you might want to consider turning it on, especially when shooting in manual mode.

What does the constant preview mode do

Basically, it allows you to check the effects of your chosen aperture and shutter speed when shooting manually. As you make changes to your chosen aperture and shutter speed, the effect of doing so is shown on your camera’s monitor.

I was going to create some pics to show you how it works but I have found a great Lumix instructional video that demonstrates this mode. Whilst it highlights a particular range of Lumix cameras, I know it applies to other Lumix cameras and I am sure that some other mirrorless cameras may have this function as well.

Check out the link above or watch the video below.



Tip – Using it in any other mode except manual mode

Although constant preview is for shooting in manual mode if you are going to be making adjustments to your exposure with the exposure compensation feature of your camera, it can be useful to leave it on. When you dial in plus or minus compensation with the camera’s constant preview mode turned on, you will see the effects of your dialled in compensation on the monitor. (Your camera may show the effects without doing this too, just play around to find out).

When not to use the constant preview function

Constant preview mode is not generally helpful when using flash as you cannot really see the effects of using the flash in real time on your camera’s monitor.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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