Brexit is no longer about leaving the EU, it’s about what is good for the UK.

By now, it should be clear to all that you cannot undo 42 years of integration with the EU in two years!

Brexit is no longer about leaving the EU, it’s about what is good for the UK as a whole.
It makes no difference how people voted.

Brexit has been divisive, and we need to find some common ground by which to move forward.

That common ground is the fact that our current endeavours to negotiate our exit from the EU is have a profound negative impact on the UK and business.
The only sensible course of action is for the EU and the UK to put Brexit on hold. And for the UK to set up a think tank to deliberate exactly what it is we are trying to achieve by leaving the EU.
It would be interesting to pose the question under the Freedom of Information Act; how much taxpayers money have we spent on Brexit to date? I think that most people would be shocked by the answer.
Brexit is failing because we do not have a clear outcome or understanding of what will be better by leaving the EU, not only for us but for the EU too.
We cannot completely divorce yourselves from the EU. Theresa May understands this and so does the EU.
Politicians from all parties are complicit in the situation we now find ourselves in, putting their party’s personal agendas before the good of the UK.
I am reminded of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, we have all been duped!

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