Brexit a personal opinion – Free movement of pets.

I read this article on the Guardian website entitled; Jean-Claude Juncker seeks deal on free movement of pets and felt complied to put keyboard to screen.

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This may seem like a small thing to some people but it is not! It’s a very good example of how there are so many hidden consequences to leaving the EU.

The whole concept of Brexit, it’s purpose and outcomes being so ill-defined, means that the country and Europe as a whole, will suffer for years to come.

The referendum was politically motivated, backfiring on the Tory government, dividing the country, and leaving us in a mess. irrespective of how people voted, we are all suffering from the consequences of the referendum. If we were to put our own personal opinions about whether we should or should not be in the EU aside, we would realise that the whole concept of Brexit needs to be put on hold! It is impossible to understand the true effects of leaving the EU, positive or negative in the timeframes being used. Europe as a whole needs to take a pause on Brexit. The UK needs to be clear about the outcomes of leaving the EU and both the EU and the UK need to work together to resolve the aftermath of the referendum.

My personal view is that no matter how you look at it and irrespective of how you feel about the EU, we are so embedded within the EU, politically, economically, socially, legally and culturally as European citizens (and all of the advantages that go with that) that it is impossible to have a sensible withdrawal from the EU.

It would be like trying to remove some of your vital organs and then expecting your body to function normally, you would need treatment for years to come and never fully recover!



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