Are you struggling to find the right workflow and post processing tools for your photography?

Getting the right workflow and exploiting tools

Getting your workflow right and exploiting the various post processing software tools that are around is not easy. There are so  many tools out there, and every vendor wants you to use their particular software suite. So, how do you choose the software to fit your workflow needs?

Personally, I have found that there is no one tool that meets all of my needs. So, we need to find the right balance between; functionality, cost and our own personal photography needs that will support our photographic workflow.


Most cameras come with the camera makers proprietary software and this may be all that is needed to manage, organise, process and share photos. If your a photography enthusiast you may find the that your camera manufacture’s proprietary software is all that you need. However, as you interest in photography deepens and if you start moving towards the more professional spectrum of photography, you will find that you needs change and you probably have more complex editing and photo management requirements.

The Photographic Software Jungle

There are some people that can make do with one software suit, my personal experience in using photographic software is that, whilst many software programmes meet eighty to ninety percent of my needs, I still find that I need to work with other photographic software programmes from time to time. My own preference is to use a ‘best of breed approach‘ Which simply means I prefer to have a suit of products that I can flip between when managing, editing and publishing my photos.


Above is the workflow and suit of products that I have adopted for my own photographic needs.

Adobe Bridge: This my file management app. It is aprt of the adobe cloud suit but you can get it for free. Just follow this video I found on YouTube.


DXO Photolab: For me, DXO Photolab is my ‘go to’ RAW and JPEG processor, there is no better way to process and prepare your RAW and JPEG files for further enhancements. DXO is  unique in that it applies automatic corrections to your photos based on your camera and lens use, saving you time in processing and editing your images.

Check out DXO Photolab

NIK 2018: Used to be a set of Google plug ins but has been brought by DXO, Nik Collection is a series of 7 creative plugins for MacOS*, Windows* and Adobe CC, providing filters, rendering and photography retouching tools to enhance images.

Check out NIK 2018

ON1 Photo RAW: ON1 Photo RAW is a relatively new Photo Editor and RAW processor. Providing much of the functionality that is found in other programmes such as Photoshop and Lightroom. In principle it could meet most of your photographic needs and may be the only app you need. Personally, I still find that it has some limitations and so I use the suit of products above.

Check out ON1 Photo RAW 2018

What about Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

I should mention that I was a long time user of Lightroon but have always found Photoshop to complex and to expensive for my own personal needs. These products are now part of the Adobe Cloud and use a service model, meaning that you pay a monthly subscription to use their products. This does not suit my own personal needs but you should check it out for yourself.

Check out Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

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