Layers and Masking ON1 RAW

If you are looking to enhance your undersrnding of using layers and masking in ON1 photo RAW you may like to check out this book – The Mask: Creative Layer Masking in ON1 Photo

Its an in depth book on  masking in ON1.

You will learn how layers, blending, and masking work, and how to use the different tools inside of ON1.

The techniques of layers, masking and blending will be demonstrated with in-depth step-by-step tutorials and examples.

Learn, sky and background replacements, tricky hair removal, and how to change the colors of items in your image, such as hair and clothing. Then, jump into the creative side of masking to make beautiful works of art with double exposures and composites.

The book is based on ON1 Photo 10 but many of the techniques shown apply to ON1 Photo RAW.

Not got ON1 Photo RAW?  try it for free here:ON1 Photo RAW 2018

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