Photolab update and release of NIK 2018 from DxO

DxO Photolab update

Feeling excited! DxO have just updated DxO Photolab as follows

• 7 new cameras supported: – Panasonic Lumix TZ90/ZS70/TZ91/TZ92/TZ93 – Panasonic Lumix GF9/GX800/GX850 – Panasonic Lumix DMC G9 – Apple iPhone 8 Plus – Apple iPhone X – Canon EOS 200D / Rebel T7 / EOS Kiss X90 / EOS 1500D – Sony A7 III
• Local adjustments user experience enhancement: – New option to display U Point mask. – Hue and Selective tone are now available in local adjustments. – Local adjustments design has been updated with correction categorization.
• Minor bug fixes.

This may not seem like a big change but it is a game changer when applying local edits within DXO Photolab. You can get a quick overview here.

NIK 2018 plugins

They have also just released NIK 2018 plugins (which work with their software too, you just have to use the export to application function in DXO Phtolab).

Read all about NIK 2018 here.

I also managed to find from within their support pages an overview of the Colour Efex Pro4 NIK filters. Which is an interesting read.

Both DxO Phtolab and Nik 208 come with a 30 trial so why not try them out.






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