Visit St Corentin Cathedral Quimper

Anyone who visits Quimper is likely to stand in the Place St Corentin and admire the Cathedral. The cathedral is Roman Catholic, and  national monument.


The cathedral is steeped in legend and history and you can read more on Wikipedia.

The cathedral provides many photo opportunities, here are a few shots to get you started.

once you have explored the cathedral you can relax and have a drink in one of the bar, cafes that are nearby in the square.

Don’t forget to visit the grounds of the cathedral as well, as this provides more photo opportunities.


The inside of the cathedral is wonderful and well kept. Interestingly, the cathedral bends in the middle and this has to do with the geographical location of the cathedral.


Construction of the cathedral started in 1239 and was commissioned by Bishop Rainaud.


The spires of the cathedral can be viewed from many parts of Quimper.

Enjoy your visit and if you need a place to stay check out our studios.


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