DXO Special Offer (ends very soon)

DxO Photolab is on special offer until 28th May 2018.

DxO Photlab is on special offer until the 28th May! You can buy it online today and choose either the Essential Edition (normally £99, selling for £79.99) or the Elite Edition (normally £159, selling for £119.99).

Personally I would go for the Elite Edition. If your not convinced check out the differences between the two. You can also read about the testimonial and awards.

If you have not come across they are a high-technology firm specialising in digital image processing. DxO PhotoLab’s auto corrections make it one of the most powerful RAW processors on the market. I have been using DxO for sometime now and there is no better image processor.

Check out the before and after below. 90% the processing was done automatically, the other 10% with just a few tweaks. The whole process took no more a minute or two.

I personally don’t know a better way to quickly and effectively post process my images.



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