4k Photo shoot before and after

4k Photos from Lumix GX8

One of the reasons I bought my Panasonic Lumix GX8 was its 4k photo capability. That said, I have not really used the capability that much. However, a walk along the beach gave me a 4k photo opportunity to capture this horse and rider. The lighting was difficult as it was ‘contre-jour’ and doing 4k photography means the resulting image extracted from the video is an 8k JPEG, which means that the dynamic range and corrections that can be applied are limited. However, I am pleased with the results.

Below is the original 8k JPEG extracted shot using my Lumix G8 4k photo mode.

4k photo from extracted from 4k video

Even though I adjusted my exposure to take into account the lighting conditions, the dynamic range of this scene was vast especially between the shadow side of the horse and the bright sky. However, using On1 Photo RAW I was still able to open up the shadows and bring back some more detail in the sky and boost the colour of the image.

Final 4k JPEG

Below is a before and after comparison.

Given the difficult lighting conditions I think my Lumix GX8 performed well and Using On1 Photo RAW I have been able to create a dynamic image of the horse and rider.

Try: ON1 Photo RAW 2018

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