Before & After Jardin de la Retraite

Here is another ‘before and after‘ of the Jardin de la Retrait, Quimper. Generally, I expose my images knowing that I will be looking to do some post processing once I’m back home. The Jardin de la Retrait is one place I like to visit, many of the plants here, were brought back to France in the 16th century by explorers of the day, which makes the garden interesting not just for the plants but for the history of the garden as well.

Jardin de la Retrait Quimper

Basic RAW image output as JPEG Photo Lumix GX8 1/25s @ F22, ISO 200

My two favourite image editing software applications are DXO Lab and On1 Photo RAW.

This image was developed using ON1 Photo RAW. I like the layered editing you can do in On1.

For the final image the first thing I did was make some RAW adjustment edits as below. I also added some low sharpening.

On1 RAW adjustments

Once I had a balanced Image to work with, I switched  to On1 RAW effects. I always start by applying a number of contrast effects in combination with masking. You can see the effects that I applied below

ON1 Effects tab

And here is the image with all the effects applied.

Final image output as a JPEG

I love playing with On1 Effects and the many pre-sets that are provided. I use the effects selectively and tend to watch what the applied effect does and then mask out or in, the effect to the part of my image that I want to apply the effect to.

Here is a comparison of the before and after.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Try On1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAW 2018

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