Do you use a layered workflow?

I have to admit that I am a ‘keep it simple photographer‘. I shy away from over processing my photos and using a layered workflow. However, having watched a few videos on using layers I am beginning to feel that I might be missing out!

The photo below was shot as a JPEG, not sure why, as I usually shoot RAW. However, I decided to have a go at processing the image using On1 Photo RAW and layers.


And here is the result 🙂

P1030180 copy0101.jpg

I simply played with the layers blending modes, masking and opened up the shadows.

I started by creating a duplicate layer and changing the blending mode to see the effect it had on the image, not all of the blending modes were appropriate. But, what I did was, look to see what the effect was doing and if I liked the way the effect changed a particular aspect of the image, I used masking to control how and where the effect was applied. This worked really well when trying to bring out the highlights of the railway lines, I do not think I could have done that easily by normal dodging and burning. 

Here is a link to an image I found on the web that shows how the different groups of blending effect an image.

You just have to play with them. Naturally there are many videos on YouTube to help you. I did a quick basic search here Blending modes beginner. Of course, it all depends on what photo editing software you use ,if you have not used blending modes or shy away from them like me and if your photo editing software has a layers function do your on search on YouTube or check out the learning videos that are normally available online with your software provider.

Personally, I use On1 Photo RAW. If you don’t have a layers module with your current photo-editing software, you can trial On1 Photo Raw for thirty days. Give it a try, it has many great features.

On1 Photo RAW 2018 30 day Trial

You can also check out some of the On1 getting started videos On1 Photo RAW 2018 getting started

As I said before, I have not really been used to working with layers and blending modes, I am going to experiment more though now, and learn from some of the great YouTube tutorials out there.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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