Before and After Titchfield Haven Post Processing

The shot below was taken at Titchfied Haven Nature Reserve as the suns was setting over the Isle of Wight. I liked the way the rays of sun were streaming through the clouds. I waited for the man in the photo to be in the right position before taking the shot. As it is there is not much colour in the photo and the drama of the evening sunset is not as I remembered it.

I shot the photo in JPEG and RAW, he images below are JPEG exports from the RAW file.

The out of the camera RAW file (converted to JPEG) is below with no edits applied.


Panasonic DMC-GX8 (lumix G Vario 12-60 mm) ISO 200 1/320 / F8


I used On1 Photo RAW to create the final image below. My basic steps were to

  1. Make some raw adjustments of the midtones, highlights, shadows, whites, haze control and saturation / vibrance adjustments.
  2. Apply Auto lens corrections.
  3. Do some local dodging, burning and colour adjustments.
  4. Then into On1 Photo Raw Effects to add the finishing touches.


Post Processed in On1 Photo RAW


I always like doing a slide show view to show more dramatically the effects of the changes applied.

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