Making a Photograph Pop

As photographers we are not always fortunate enough to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right lighting conditions.


Out of camera JPEG


The photo above was taken in Quimper, France. Quimper has many wonderful historical building and the town oozes charm. The photo does not really jump out and feels more like a record shot. But check out the post processed image below.

P1000741 copy

With a little imagination and some post processing we can completely change how  our photos look. I added some contrast, boosted the colours, and did some dodging and burning to make this  photograph more like I remembered.

I especially wanted to exploit the play of lighting in the top right of the photo and use this to draw attention to the Breton figurine.

Before and after comparison

I like the before and after comparison in the slide show, it helps us to see how the post processing has changed the shot.

Taking the time to do some post processing and playing with your photo editing software can be very rewarding. And you never know how your photos may end up looking.

All edits were done using On1 Photo RAW

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