Before and after Lumix GX8 JPEG

I’m still playing with my Panasonic Lumix GX8 and learning about its capabilities and its limitations. I ‘m impressed with what you can get out of a JPEG post processing. Take a look at the two JPEGS below.

Out of the camera JPEG

The shot above is the out of the camera JPEG. This was an early evening shot and as you can see there is quite a contrast range between the highlights of the setting sun and the cathedral.

Below is the final image, processed in ON1 Photo Raw 2018.


There is a little dodging and burning but mostly the final JPEG was processed using tone, colour adjustments, highlight, shadow adjustments and adjusting the black and white points for contrast control.

I think that the final result is quite impressive as this is a JPEG and it shows that the Lumix GX8 JPEGS can be pushed quite hard in post processing. I would normally shoot a shot like this in RAW format but as you can see, the JPEG file has produced good results.

These days I tend to shoot in RAW and JPEG. I do this as I like to use my JPEGs as reference files and to save time editing when the JPEGs give me what I want out of the camera.

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