Before and After – Titchfield Haven

Below is a the out of the camera RAW image from my Lumix GX8. I took the shot at Titchfield Haven, It was cold morning and the sun was just rising.


RAW file


I slightly under underexposed the shot and used On1 RAW 2018 to process the RAW file.


Lumix GX8 settings and histogram in On1 RAW 2018


The final image is below. As you can see, I have cropped the image slightly to reduce the hot-spot from the sun. I have also applied a number of tweaks including, shadow detail adjustments, colour adjustments, sharpening and haze reduction.


1st use of GX8
Final Image


Below is slide comparison of the RAW fileĀ  before and after editing.

The final image is much closer to how I remember the sunrise being.

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