Pictures within Pictures

Do you take time to look for pictures within pictures?

Take a look at the picture below, I like the picture overall but decided to play with the cropping tool in my photo editor (On1 Photo Raw 2018).

P1000668 copy

The cropping tool is a great way to learn about composition. Take any photo and begin playing with the cropping tool and you may be surprised by how many new photos you come up with.

As you can see in the slide show above, from the original image, I have managed to create 4 more photos. Of course I could have used a zoom lens or moved around with  a fixed lens to change composition. Some subjects though, just present fleeting moments and cropping photos afterwards is a good way to explore composition and create variation in your photos.

The cropping tool also helps you see more photo opportunities. So, the next time you are out shooting, remember the cropping tool, move around your subject changing composition. And when you are back home processing your images, use the cropping tool again to further explore your images and composition.


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