Are You Looking for a Digital Compact Camera System with a Limited Budget – Dont have much time?

Compact Camera Systems with a DP review score of 80% or more and between £500 and £1000 pounds

If your looking for a compact camera and have a limited budget of £1000 pounds or less, you might want to check out these cameras on amazon uk. I have filtered these out on amazon to save you some time, They are all:

  • Under £1000 pounds
  • Have 20 megapixels or more
  • Have a DP review of 80% plus

DP review is my ‘go to site’ when I want to check out a camera review.

The Pansonic DMC-G7 represents good value for money. I like Panasonic and own three models: Lumix FZ1000, Lumix LX100 and a Lumix GX8

Panasonic DMC-G7 Compact System Camera (16 MP, MOS Sensor, 14 – 42 mm Lens)

At the time of writing the choice is limited to Sony and Panasonic. Im my view, you cannot go wrong with any of the models. I consider Panasonic and Sony to be market leaders in compact system cameras.

Check out Compact Cameras under £1000 and with a DP review of 80% or more


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