Don’t by a Vacuum Cleaner Before Reading This

I love this vacuum cleaner. It does what it says it does, and does it well…..

I have had all types of vacuum cleaners, including Dyson. None seem to last or do the job that they are supposed to do.

Last year, my Dyson stopped working, frustrated I started looking around for a replacement hoover. I did not fancy spending another £300 pounds or more on buying another vacuum cleaner.  So started looking at the Karcher vacuum cleaners and discovered the WD3 P WET AND DRY VACUUM CLEANER.

I love this vacuum cleaner. It does what it says it does, and does it well…..

From cleaning the car to cleaning up after do it yourself projects, this cleaner does it all and is not overpriced. Last summer I renovated a small apartment, which really tested the capabilities of this small hoover. It was perfect for cleaning up the debris I created when renovating the ceiling (I made quite a mess).

I use the Karcher WD3P daily and even use it to clean out the fireplace and our pellet burner (once the ashes are cold). It’s a powerful cleaner and easy to maintain and store.

I would not go back to a more traditional house vacuum cleaner. It is easy transportable and one of the features I like is the blower function. You can use this to blow dust away from difficult to reach corners, from under fridges beds etc..

When I first started to use the WD3P, I did find that the handle seemed a little flimsy and thought it might break. However, this was not the case and I have now got used to it. The WD3P is light to use, easy manoeuvrable and the lead relatively long.

It has a 17-litre container, a  high suction force and cleans better than any other vacuum cleaner I have used.

Check out the video below

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