My Basic Photo Equipment

Here is a list (short as it may be) of my currently used photo equipment

Lumix LX100

This is an Amazon’s Choice product. Meaning, its a highly rated, well-priced product available to dispatch immediately from amazon. Use this link; Purchase Lumix LX100

I love this camera, it’s one of my favourite walk-around cameras. All the controls are well laid out and its packed with technology and creative controls for the serious photographer.

Check out the video below

Sekonic Digitalmaster SE L758DR Digital Exposure Meter
The Sekonic DigitalMaster was discontinued in January 2017.  No matter how sophisticated camera exposure meters have become, there is still an argument for using a handheld meter like the SE L758DR. With this meter you can:

  • Take incident light reading
  • Take multiple spot readings and average them out
  • Balance daylight and flash

I’m a great believer in spot metering, especially for pinning my highlight and shadow readings.  By taking multiple spot readings, I can average them out and check the contrast between my highlights and shadows and check to see if my resulting exposure is within my cameras’ dynamic range.

I never understand why camera manufactures don’t at least allow us to take 3 spot readings and average them out in camera.

Check out the Sekonic do you need a lightmeter article

You can still buy the  SE L758DR on amazon.

Panasonic DMC-FZ1000EB Lumix Bridge Camera (25-400mm LEICA DC Lens, 20.1MP)

Check out the video below

I used to have a full set of Nikon cameras and gear until I started travelling around a lot. I thought long and hard about keeping my Nikon gear, or going to a bridge camera. Finally, I sold my gear and settled for the Lumix FZ1000. This is a great travel camera. I know it has been superseded now, but its still available and for the price buys you a lot of camera. You can get the FZ1000 on amazon: Buy the Panasonic FZ1000 on amazon

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