Before & After Forest Walk


DXO is my go to RAW Editor

I took this shot at a local forest walk near where we live. I liked the way the pathway curved around leading you through the picture. The original shot does not show the ambiance of what I was feeling or seeing at the time. These shots are always tricky as you have strong contrast between the darker and lighter parts of the image.

Before Lumix FZ1000 ISO 200 1/80 F5 -1stop

For processing my images I have two go to applications.

DXO Pro (Now called DXO Photo Lab) It appears DXO have acquired NIK filter, which was a google product. For me, that is an interesting development. DXO is my go to RAW editor. For this before & after I example used DXO pro to do my RAW file adjustments.

Why I like DXO Pro

I like using DXO Pro as it uses a set of smart assisted corrections based on your camera and lens to fine tune your RAW or JPEG images. After DXO has done its automatic adjustments you can manually fine-tune the results.

DXO have produced a video showing the combined technology.

[vimeo 239626702 w=640 h=360]

PS: I only discovered this when I began writing this post.

Once I have my RAW or JPEG files looking how I want them to look I then do my final edits, crops, etc using ON1 Photo RAW 2018.

Here is my final image


Final Image post processes using DXO Optics Pro and On1 Photo RAW 2018

My General Processing Steps

  1. RAW file edits done in DXO Pro and fine tuned (using DXO build in RAW presets). These pre-sets do a good job of correcting and enhancing your RAW files.
  2. Export the DXO files as DNG files.
  3. Do creative edits and final adjustments using ON1 Photo RAW 2018
  4. Export for required use. (Social Media, Prints, Stock Photos etc…)

There are times when I choose to just use ON1 RAW 2018 to do my processing. Generally though I like to use DXO Pro first.

Right, time for a coffee……




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