île de Batz – Roscoff

A short boat ride from Roscoff (15 minutes) the île de Batz provides photographers with a number of photo opportunities and is well worth visiting

We visited the island whilst taking a short break and staying in Roscoff.


view across the bay


Ideally, you would spend 2/3 days exploring the island. The ‘Jardin Exotique Georges Delaselle’ in the southeast of the island is well worth a visit.


Exotique Georges Delaselle


Along the path to visiting the gardens you will come across the Chapelle Ste-Anne and learn about the Dragon slain on the island.


20170718_121146 copy.jpg
Chapelle Ste-Anne

I love the island for its picturesque views and charm.



Whilst there are cafes and a few bars dotted around, most of the places to eat and drink are near the harbour, where the boats drop you off.  So make sure that you take something to eat and drink with you when exploring the island.

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