Hip Hop Jive Battle

Shooting in 4k allowed me to capture images of a hip-hop versus Jive competition.

Shooting the pictures below whilst using the 4k video mode on my camera, allowed me to capture the following photos. I am not sure that I would have got these images if I had used conventional high speed shutter modes.

I am using an older Panasonic fz1000 to shoot in 4k. I paid £1000 pounds for mine but you can get one on amazon Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 EG-K for around £500 pounds now.

The 4k photo mode is a little fiddly when compared to some of Panasonics newer cameras and it does not have the ‘Panasonic 4k burst mode’ .  Another  niggle is that when using the 4k photo mode, you need to be sure to have pressed your shutter a second or two before the action begins as video start up is a little slow.

I tend to shoot in 10 to 15 second bursts. Once you have finished recording and having pressed the shutter to stop recording, the camera takes a moment to shut down the video, meaning, you can miss some shots (as I did). Still, grabbing stills from 4k at 8 megapixels can still be rewarding as the photos above show.

You can read more about Panasonics 4k video modes here


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