Airbnb success in just 6 months

Two hundred and twenty-seven nights booked in the first 6 months

When we invested in our apartments and decided to focus on short-term rentals, we were quietly optimistic that we would be successful but nervous all the same.

We spent some time looking at all of the different options for advertising our two studios, and after careful consideration we chose to start with Airbnb.

It is important to us that people have a positive experience when booking our studios and that they get a warm welcome. We pay attention to small details and work hard to ensure that their stay is a memorable one.

Our studios have been fully refurbished and provide everything people need to enjoy their stay.



We always check-in with guests to ensure that their needs are being met and to see if there is anything else that we might do for them during their stay.

It’s great to see the reviews that people leave, it makes all of our efforts worthwhile.

Here’s to the next two hundred and twenty-seven nights

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